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Implant applications


What is the implant ?

The implants are the artificial tooth roots that take the places of the lost tooth roots, carry the prosthesis to be made afterwards. There are many implants, with different shape, length, diameter and design.

What is the advantageous of the implant is?

The post-treatment prostheses constitute the closest structure to the natural teeth. When compared the traditional prostheses, the implant-retained prostheses provide better chewing and speech functions. The implant-retained prostheses have more aesthetics appearance than the others. Teeth missing can be solved through the implant without touching the health teeth. It enhances the prosthesis retention in people who use a complete implant-supported prosthesis. 

Operation Procedure

In general, the implant applications are surgical operations performed local anesthesia. Although the application period varies according to the case, in general, the application period of only 1 implant is 15-30 minutes. 
Unless there is a special case, the patients can continue their social lives immediately after the operation.
Following the surgical step, it is necessary to wait 2-3 months in lower jaw and 3*6 months in upper jaw for the formation of a healthy bone tissue between the implant and jawbone. After an appropriate time, the upper parts of the implants are opened and their measures are taken at the stage of prosthesis. The treatment is completed by making implant-retained prosthesis in 2-3 séances and approximately in 1 week.  

Which patients are suitable for implant?

Especially, the patients using heavy cortisone, patients having advanced cardiovascular problems, those having blood disease, those receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy are not suitable for implant. 

If the patient smokes more than 1 cigarette box and doesn’t care his/her mouth and dental health, the success of the implant treatment reduces. 

In order for the implant to be successful, there needs to be bone volume of sufficient length and height to surround the implant in full. The bone volume is detected via x-ray and clinic examination. After being evaluated all these factors, it is specified whether the patient is suitable for implant or not. 

Is it impossible to practice implant when there is not sufficient bone volume? 

Vakaya göre değişmekle beraber kemik tozu (greftleri) kullanılarak kemik altyapısı oluşturulduktan sonra, implantlar yerleştirilebilir. Ancak bu uygulamalar için de hasta ve dişsiz bölge uygunluğu değerlendirilmelidir.
As well as changing according to the case, after the bone infrastructure is formed by using bone grafts (grafts), the implant can be placed. However, the suitability of the patient and toothless area should be evaluated for these applications.

Implants used in our Clinic

We are working with 2 alternative companies in our Clinic: 
1. Bego implants having High-German technology
2.Magagen implants manufactured in South Korea, being the world's single calcium-coated implant, the best invention of 2012, the best implant design award of 2013.