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About Us

Our clinic which we have commenced to provide service from 12 May 2014, is located in Vefa Küçük Street, being the most lively street of Nevşehir.

Our dentists, who have provided service to Nevşehir for 25 years, aim for continuing to provide service to our public in more quality and decent atmosphere.

Our polyclinic, which is the first of this format is Nevşehir, has set off with the experience gained over many years, and a service perception which smiles upon people and leads to them smiling back.

Tes Akademya Oral and Dental Health Clinic is an organization of Sena Health Services.


Our mission is to provide customer satisfaction via the accurate, honest, reliable and smiling services within the framework of respect and tolerance and show sensibilities required by the professional ethics.


​1.       Make no concessions on quality; aim the best both in service and in materials which are used,

2.       Keep the accurate and honest line; ensure to be informed the patient about the transparent service and treatments,

3.       Maintain the tolerant approach with the respect and love infrastructure,

4.       Continue to provide service-friendliness in each unit at any time