What is Implant?

Implant are artificial dental roots made of titanium placed in the jaw bone in the mouth area to replace the teeth lost for different reasons. Implants are like normal tooth roots and settle in the jaw bone like tooth root. The implant is made of pure titanium, compatible with human tissue, and fuses with bone in about two to three months. 

Implant Advantages

Thanks to the implant, the lack of teeth can be eliminated without touching the intact teeth beside. Prostheses made after treatment form the structure closest to the natural tooth. Implant prostheses provide better chewing and speaking function than traditional prostheses. In addition, it protects the jaw bone against osteoporosis caused by tooth deficiencies. 

How is the implant made?

For the success of the implant, it is necessary to have a bone volume that is thick and long enough to surround the implant. Bone volume is determined by x-ray and clinical examination. All these factors are evaluated and it is determined whether the patient is suitable for the implant or not. 

Implant applications are generally a surgical intervention applied under local anesthesia. Once it is understood that the patient does not have a problem that can prevent implantation, a gap is prepared for the jawbone according to the size and diameter of the implant, and then the implant is placed in this gap. Following the surgical stage, it is necessary to wait 2-3 months in the lower jaw and 3-6 months in the upper jaw for a healthy bone tissue formation between the implant and jaw bone. After enough time has passed, the implants are opened and their dimensions are taken at the prosthesis stage. The treatment is completed by making over-implant prosthesis in 2-3 sessions and approximately 1 week. If the patient wishes to relax during this waiting period, temporary implants can be worn using special implants.

Although it varies according to the case, the surgical application time of 1 implant is generally 15-30 minutes. Unless there is a special case, patients can continue their social life immediately after the procedure. 

In what cases can not an implant be made?
Implants are not recommended especially for patients with systemic problems. Patients using heavy cortisone, those with advanced cardiovascular problems, people with diabetes (if the sugar can be kept at a certain level, these patients can also be implanted), those with blood disease, patients who have received chemotherapy or radiotherapy are generally not suitable candidates for the implant. 

If the patient smokes more than 1 pack of cigarettes per day and the oral and dental health is not seen important, the success of the implant treatment decreases.


Is Implant Implementation Impossible When There Is Not Enough Bone Volume?

Implants can be placed after the bone infrastructure is created using bone powder (grafts), depending on the case. However, the suitability of the patient and edentulous area should be evaluated for these applications. 

Implants Used in Our Clinic

We work with 7 alternative companies in our clinic:
1.Bego implants with high German technology
2.Megagen implants produced in South Korea, the world's only calcium-coated implant, 2012 Best invention, 2013 Best Implant design award winner

3. Osstem (South Korea)

4.Implance (Turkey)

5. Implant Swiss (Switzerland)

6. Dti(Turkey)

7. Straumann (Switzerland)