It is a process applied for opening a few tones of teeth that change color and yellow for various reasons. Many factors such as antibiotics exposed in infancy or while in the womb, cigarettes, coffee, tea coloring agents, old age, fluoride in the water, etc. cause internal or external discoloration. Outside coloration consists of tea, coffee, cigarette, acidic beverage or not brushing teeth and it is possible to get rid of these stains by tooth cleaning.  Internal coloration, on the other hand, is the discoloration that occurs due to medication or excess fluoride intake, penetrated into the enamel of the tooth and whitening process is required to remove it. For this reason, the type of coloration and whether the teeth are suitable for this procedure should be determined with the preliminary examination of the dentist and the treatment method should be chosen according to the result.


1- Office bleaching (whitening under the control of a physician in the office)

It is the fastest, reliable and effective bleaching system that can lighten the tooth color 3-4 tones in a short time by using whitening gel and light. In laser whitening, the upper jaw can be whitened in half an hour and the lower jaw in half an hour.It is effective and safe if teeth whitening is done under the supervision of your dentist. Teeth and gums are not damaged in any way.

2-Home Bleaching 

A transparent plate is prepared according to the size taken orally by the physician and whitening is performed with gel applied in this plate before going to bed at night. It is necessary to wear the plate 4-8 hours a day. How many nights will be done will be revealed as a result of your doctor's examination. Desired whitening is provided in an average of 5-7 days.

Anyone who does not have any dental or gum disease impeding the procedure can have a teeth whitening treatment, but a dentist examination should be done before whitening. It is not recommended to apply teeth whitening to those who have not completed their growth and development, pregnant women and nursing mothers.